SolidWood ProStand


Laptop Stand + Headphone Stand + Pencil Holder

Upgrade your desk setup with the SolidWood ProStand, meticulously crafted from solid oak wood. This versatile stand is designed to accommodate both laptops and monitors, providing a stylish and ergonomic solution for your workspace.

What sets OakCraft apart is its thoughtful design, featuring an additional stand for your headphones and pencils. Keep your essentials organized and within reach, adding functionality to the beauty of solid oak craftsmanship.

Each stand is meticulously finished with fine wood detailing and treated with 100% natural oil, enhancing the wood's natural beauty and ensuring durability. Experience the warmth and sophistication that only real oak can bring to your workspace.

Transform your desk into a statement of style and functionality with the SolidWood ProStand. Elevate your work environment naturally, and make a lasting impression with this exquisite addition to your workspace.

  • product: laptop or monitor stand 
  • dimensions overal: 58cm x 28cm x  9cm
  • tabletop: 39cm x 28cm    
  • material: solid oak wood
  • finish: semi matte with eco friendly oil
  • weight: 3 kg   
  • environment: Indoor
  • standard: FSC

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